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No rest for the wicked - Adrian Fautley

Nash consultant Adrian Fautley has been a busy man of late so we thought we would catch up with him so he can talk us through it all.

Adrian : I started the weekend with some children's tuition events on Badshot Lea, which is part of the Farnham Angling ticket that my good friend, Dave Benton, asked me to take part in - which, of course, I was more than happy to do. I met up with Dave on the Friday and we walked  the lake to see where the fish were holding up. I chose a swim and set up ready for the juniors who were due to arrive on the Saturday morning. We went through all aspects of general fish care and safety with the kids before we split them up into two groups. I taught my group about all things rig related and the correct way to cast, including how to ditch the lead effectively. The kids were excited about the prospect of catching some fish and they managed to get some bites, one of which resulted in a 20lb grass carp. I like tutoring the kids; they are the next generation of carp anglers and it's good to teach them the correct ways to do things.

On Sunday, I travelled to Linear Fisheries in Oxford, for 'Fishing with the Stars' which is run by Len Gurd. People pay to fish with known anglers for a few days' angling and all the proceeds go to the motor neuron disease charity. The 'novices' get the opportunity to get inside the minds of top anglers and to learn new skills and get hints and tips. My partner was Vanessa Warner, who came with the aim of beating her PB and to learn new methods of carp fishing. The swim had weed beds and obstacles so it was vital to ditch the lead. We went for the solid PVA bag approach with balanced tiger nuts as another method, and an inline lead drop-off system. I found spots next to the reeds and taught Vanessa the aspects of feature finding and spodding methods.

We got a bite and soI Vanessa learned how to handle the fish, including fish safety and guiding the fish in. We were fishing a gravelly swim and we used the Nash Carp Cradle to suspend the fish above the ground so the fish was unharmed. Vanessa’s first fish was 20lb 8oz which had beaten her PB and she was delighted with that result. She ended up with four fish in total, and it was a good few days spent with some of my good friends including Gary Bayes, Ian Russell and Iain Macmillan, and most importantly, lots of money was raised for the charity.

Thursday saw me go over to St Albans on to Willows Lake as I was due to take part in a charity carping match for the male cancer appeal, over the weekend. Willows has three lakes and on the Thursday night I decided to do an overnighter on the Deep Lake to try my luck. I had three bites in total, using chod rigs, the best being a stunning 20lb common that put up a bit of a fight.

I packed up on Friday morning and headed over to the Match Lake for the draw. I came out second from last and landed swim number 13, so had to do my best with what I was given. I fished solid PVA bags over light silt and spodded over the top. The weather was hot so I moved on to zigs during the day but caught nothing, apart from the sun, until I finally got a bite on the Friday night.

On Saturday, I moved on to a safety bolt bead system using Diffusion camo leaders and safety bolt leads with Missing Link hooklink and Fang Twisters with white Scopex Squid. I got another bite which resulted in a 14lb common. Due to the weather I swapped to using Zig Flo and Zig Bugs and spodded a particle cloud over the top, but caught nothing.

On Saturday night, I managed a couple, and on Sunday one more. I tried desperately to get them going on the surface using Nash Riser pellet, but it just wasn’t happening. I ended up second from last in the match with Rob and Brad Greening being the winners. All in all, though, it was a great weekend social with good friends and lots of money raised for a great appeal.

Well there's a brief diary piece of what I've been up to in the past week, and how great it is to give something back in this industry, and try to raise money for great causes. I know all the team at Nash try their hardest to get involved as much as possible to help where we can with kids or charity events.

This is enough from me - time to get the rods out again

See you on the bank somewhere

Adrian Fautley