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Amber strawberry

Give it a go! It certainly gave me a edge this winter.

I started using the amber strawberry in November. I caught on it straight away and ended up having my best winter ever!My theory is that in the winter when the fish are less active they may not even want any food. I believe that because the fish are inquisitive and the bait stands out they pick it up! I only used small amounts of freebies and think that if i would have put out too many baits the fish might have spooked off it. So many fish are caught each year on sinlge bright pop-ups. With the amber strawberry you can use bright baits and still have the option to have matching freebies!So far since using the amber strawberry i have had 10 fish, including 3 30's, 5 20's and 2 doubles. Not bad for winter fishing! So if in the colder months you would like a bait thats a bit different and gives you a edge over other baits give it a go!