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10mm Amber Strawberry

A short reveiw of how to utilise these little gems into your fishing

Nash Amber Strawberry 10mm BoiliesI buy these boilies in small shelf life bags and use them in my spod mixes or as free offerings using a cobra stick or catapult to apply them to the lake. I like the option of using 10mm baits as on the lakes I fish (pressured day ticket fisheries), the majority of anglers use round 14-20mm baits and the carp come into contact with theses every day of the week. The carp’s natural diet consists of small particles of food and the typical round 15mm bait is generally associated with anglers bait and 90% of the time; viewed with caution. The most wary of carp will be more comfortable picking up smaller particles such as chops, 10mm’s and crushed baits and this is why the Nash 10mm range comes into my fishing. The white colouring, taste and texture of this particular bait is something that gives me an edge over other anglers and the small white specs of colour in the mix or spread across the lake bed is a real visual signal to attract the carp down for a feed, where as a bed of 15mm round baits would be more associated with danger. The fact that over any lake bed, especially silt and light weed, these tiny baits stick out to passing fish can be all that’s needed to trigger a response. The fish are constantly pressured in the waters I fish and are continually moving around the lake to avoid lines, angler pressure and spods landing on their heads! Because they are so mobile, the fish easily drift over beds of particles and boilies, of which they see every day and don’t feel confident to feed. Because of the baits application to my mixes, the fish seem to be attracted by the bright white colour and the constant leakage of attraction and are more confident to feed due the baits washed out effect. This white colouring to the bait compliments my style of fishing. Used alongside pellets, which in the spod mix wash out and become a whitey, greyish colour, the baits begin to mimic washed out round pellets. Alongside my normal food bait boilie, which slowly releases food signals into the water and also washes out to a greyish colouring, the instant attract of the amber strawberry baits allows a constant leak of attraction from the swim, from the first to the last minute I’m fishing. The fleck of white allows me to use a Nash mutant white corn topper, to tip my food bait with and give that all important visual attraction to my hook bait. Overall, there are just too many positives to the 10mm baits that can give you an edge and put your baited above the rest on today’s pressured venues.